Are your aging parents in need of help with daily living activities? Are you, personally, looking for an assisted living or independent living facility in Michigan? If so, you need to find one that suits your unique needs and wants.

Some of the reasons you may be looking for an assisted living community in Michigan include:

  1. You’re having a hard time cooking
  2. Personal hygiene – getting in and out of the shower, for example, are not safe or easy
  3. You don’t need or want around-the-clock nursing care, but may need limited assistance
  4. You’re living alone and have no family nearby and are craving social interaction
  5. You’re worried you might get injured at home and no one is close enough by to know you’re not all right

Looking for an assisted living or independent living community like those at American House in Michigan is ideal for many because the different communities provide different levels of service and care.

5 Things To Look For When Considering An Assisted Living Facility In Michigan

We know our residents want to have socialization, chef-prepared meals, housekeeping and laundry services in a home-like setting while continuing to maximize their independence.

What should you consider when choosing an one of the American House communities?

The location. You may not want to move too far away from your current neighborhood and finding a community close by is a comfort for you. You may also have loved ones who live nearby and finding a community that is convenient for them matters.

Decide on the size of the facility. Do you want a large community or a smaller, more intimate setting? Ask how many residents there are and how much staff is on hand. If you need assistance with daily living, ask about the ratio of caregivers or staff per resident.

What services do you want? Do you want a community that offers life enrichment programs? Do you need help with your medications? Transportation to doctor’s visits? Housekeeping, dining services and others? Know what you want to have as amenities and look for an American House Community that offers what you’re seeking.

What if you eventually need a higher level of care? Will you have to relocate? Does the community you’re researching offer those higher-level health services when you require them? Think long-term.

The cost. Whether you can afford to pay to move into an assisted living community may help make the decision for you. You need to be able to comfortably afford the care or have the resources to do so. When you’re researching facilities ask if there is someone on staff who can help you go through your finances, Medicaid, veteran’s benefits or other resources that may be available to you to help accommodate your needs.

Call and ask for a tour of the facilities and you may be able to gauge from a tour and a visit whether an American House community is right for you.

American House was founded in 1979 to enrich the lives of seniors and their loved ones in an environment that fosters independence, compassion, quality services and meaningful relationships. We provide a wide range of senior living options, including independent living, independent living with assistance, memory care services provided by a third party, respite stays and hospice in Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights and Westland.