At American House Senior Living Communities in Michigan, we know aging can be – and should be – enjoyable. After all, you’re at an age where you probably aren’t working and have the time to pursue those activities you may have had to put off during your working and child-rearing years. We have put together a list of three benefits of aging, but are certain you can come up with even more.

We know there are many negative stereotypes that center around “getting old.” Those include people thinking you don’t have anything to offer, or that you’re “too old” to do activities that you love, among others.

In addition to the aging benefits we will share below, we know many of our residents have grandchildren and experience the joy of spending time with them. It’s easy to enjoy time with your grandchildren because you don’t have the pressure that comes with parenting. That’s why grandparents are known to spoil their grandbabies, right?

Three benefits of aging

You have free time. As mentioned, if you’re not working you have time on your hands to travel or visit with friends and family, sleep in or pursue that hobby you never had time for when you were younger. It’s never too late to try something new. Have you always wanted to take up ballroom dancing, learn to paint, or plant a garden? Now is the time to do just that!

You are happier. There have been studies that show seniors and older adults are among the happiest people; this is especially true when compared with middle-aged people. It could be because older adults have better coping mechanisms, or it could be because as you age you get more comfortable with who you are and are better able to cultivate peace in your life.

With age comes wisdom. Chances are you have heard that phrase and may just think it’s cliché, but it’s not – it’s true. You have the life experience to be more empathetic and more comfortable in social situations. You have a wider scope of view on the world and everything around you, and that comes from having had so many rich experiences.

Three Benefits Of Aging

At American House Senior Living Communities, our life enrichment directors are continually planning events based on resident requests and offering new, enriching experiences. Some of those activities include:

  1. Yoga
  2. Balloon volleyball
  3. Tai Chi
  4. Moving and Grooving exercise classes
  5. Music and Movement classes
  6. Painting
  7. Various seasonal crafts
  8. Holiday celebrations
  9. And more

We understand and cherish the relationships we build with our residents, and we truly know that we have so much to learn from them as they have so much to offer!

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