One of the many things that children of aging parents don’t want to think about is, “where will mom and dad live when they can no longer live safely at home?” Aging adults also share that fear. When it comes to where aging loved ones will live, we have insight into how senior living communities offer peace of mind for both the adult child and the aging parent.

At American House Senior Living in Michigan, our six communities provide social interaction, healthy meals and a safe environment in which to live. Whether you have an older parent who can live independently or your aging loved one requires a higher level of care or even memory care, do your research on living arrangements that will be suitable for mom and dad and the entire family. Try to involve your aging loved one as much as possible in the decision on where to live and when to make the move into a senior living community. To make the move as stress-free as possible, you must remain sensitive to your loved one’s feelings. The effects of “relocation stress” should not be ignored or minimized.

How Senior Living Communities Offer Peace Of Mind

In some instances, the decision to move an aging loved one or a spouse into a senior living community comes following an unexpected injury. The sudden onset of an illness that makes it impossible for you to care for them at home could also be a deciding factor in making a move.

It is not always as straightforward as the situations mentioned above, though. You may find that your aging parent and his or her chronic health conditions or bouts of forgetfulness are troubling. It’s important to pay attention to sometimes subtle behavioral, mental and physical changes that may prompt a move into a senior living community.

Those could include:

  1. Leaving the stove on.
  2. Not remembering to eat meals.
  3. Becoming forgetful.
  4. Inability to perform simple daily personal hygiene tasks.
  5. Living in a home that is simply not senior-friendly and that has trip or fall hazards.
  6. If your loved one is a danger to themselves or others.

The peace of mind offered by a move into an American House Senior Living community is a benefit to both the adult child or spouse and aging parent. We do suggest that conversations about where your aging parent will live should occur before the need arises. No one wants to be faced with making a major decision like a move into an adult-living facility during a crisis situation. We invite our potential residents to call a nearby community and ask to schedule a personal tour. When you and your loved one can see the possibilities and benefits that come from living in an American House community in Michigan, the eventual move will be a less stressful situation because of the pre-planning.

How would a move into a senior living community bring peace of mind to you, your family and your loved one? Here are a few of the many ways to consider:

  1. Access to medical assistance if needed.
  2. Increased safety.
  3. The ability to live in a maintenance-free apartment and not have to worry about yard and lawn care or repairs.
  4. Access to activities and outings.
  5. Healthy prepared meals.
  6. The opportunity to make new friends.

Many people who are faced with moving mom or dad or a spouse into a senior living community can feel anxiety and a sense of loss. It’s a normal feeling, but when you weigh the safety and security of your loved one, you know you’re doing your best for them – even if it’s not easy to recognize that in the beginning.

American House was founded in 1979 to enrich the lives of seniors and their loved ones in an environment that fosters independence, compassion, quality services and meaningful relationships. We provide a wide range of senior living options, including independent living, independent living with assistance, memory care services provided by a third party, respite stays and hospice in Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights and Westland.

Call an American House Senior Living community near you today to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful facilities and ask questions to help put your mind at ease if you’re considering a move for an aging loved one, spouse or even for yourself.