If we’re fortunate enough, we will live long, happy and healthy lives. The way in which we live may change, and that’s why we want to share this vital information with you. As we age though, our bodies slow down, we may lose loved ones, and it might be harder to live in your own home and age in place. At American House Senior Living, we understand that, and that’s why we offer independence to our residents. We have tips for how seniors can celebrate independence with independent living.

As the 4th of July gets closer, we think more about individual freedom and about being independent but in our American House communities, and independence is never far from our thoughts. Independent living at one of our communities means you or your loved one will be given the opportunity to live independently, have access to amenities and necessary services and can socialize and make friends and memories.

What is independent living? It’s senior housing that offers its residents the chance to live on their own terms for as long as they’re physically and mentally able. Residents at any of our American House Senior Living communities in Michigan enjoy independence in their own apartments. Many independent living communities let residents manage their own cleaning, cooking and laundry. There are hybrid senior living communities in which the resident can begin in an independent living apartment and move into assisted living as their needs and health change.

How Seniors Can Celebrate Independence With Independent Living

Independent living communities run the gamut from complete independence and freedom to offering community meals, activities and off-site trips. Knowing how you want to spend your golden years is one of the first steps in determining the type of independent living you are interested in for yourself or for your loved one.

When you’re looking for an independent living community, ask about services such as:

  1. Health programs
  2. Housekeeping and laundry services
  3. Meals
  4. Social and in-house as well as off-site activities
  5. And more

When is it time to begin the search for independent living? Honestly, there is no time like the present. Contact one of our communities and schedule a tour. Whether you’re looking for a place to live for when you no longer want the hassle of outdoor lawn and home maintenance or you’re looking for a community of people with whom you can connect and make friends. Waiting until an emergency arises means you may not find the ideal living situation you were seeking. There is no harm in taking a tour to get a feeling for what independent living communities have to offer.

Make sure you ask, “What happens when I can no longer live safely in my apartment here?” Will you have to move out of the community? Are there on-site health providers that will allow you to continue to live in your apartment? It’s important you know your options in case the time comes when you can no longer live independently.

Here are four benefits that older adults realize when they make a move into an independent living community.

  1. Many seniors find the cost of independent living more cost-effective than continuing to live in the family home and keeping up with maintenance and lawn care.
  2. Peace of mind and security. Living alone may be scary for some older adults. They worry about falling and hurting themselves and having no way to summon help. They may find themselves feeling forgetful and worry about leaving a stove on, for example. If driving becomes more difficult, getting groceries or going to doctor’s appointments may become almost impossible.
  3. Alleviating loneliness. When you live in an American House Senior Living community, you will find a sense of community and access to social activities and events, and you will get to know your neighbors down the hall. In addition to your neighbors, you will get to know the wonderful staff at the community in which you live.
  4. Independence! Look for a senior living community that provides flexibility and freedom. You want to live on your own terms, and that could mean making the decision on when you want to eat, what time you want to go to bed or wake up and how much you want to socialize.

Keep these three items in mind when you’re looking for an independent or senior living community for yourself or a loved one.

  1. What amenities do you need or want? What services are you searching for? If you’re an active older adult, look for a community that offers activities or even fitness centers. If you’re looking to make friends or a very social person, check out the activities schedule when you take a tour.
  2. Where is the community located? Is it close to your family and loved ones? Is it close enough to shopping centers, restaurants or your doctor that you can safely and comfortably drive yourself?
  3. The cost. What is the monthly cost, and what services are provided for that price? Set your budget so you know what you can afford before you take a tour of any senior living community. Get quotes and compare prices and benefits from more than one place before you decide.

We’d love to meet you or your mom and dad and give you a tour of one of our lovely communities!

American House was founded in 1979 to enrich the lives of seniors and their loved ones in an environment that fosters independence, compassion, quality services and meaningful relationships. We provide a wide range of senior living options, including independent living, independent living with assistance, memory care services provided by a third party, respite stays and hospice in Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights and Westland.

Call an American House Senior Living community near you today to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful facilities and ask questions to help put your mind at ease if you’re considering a move for an aging loved one, spouse or even for yourself.