At American House Senior Living in Michigan, we understand that there are fears and trepidation that you and your loved one may feel if you are thinking of moving into a senior community. That’s understandable. You’ve lived independently in your own home for decades, and there are certain aspects of your life you just don’t want to give up. We are busting senior living myths and taking away any fear you or your loved ones might have if you’re thinking of moving into one of our apartments and are not interested in aging in place any longer.

We know that for many people, senior living communities are still called – or thought of – as nursing homes. Many people use the terms “nursing home,” “senior living” and even “retirement community” interchangeably. Because of that, there are misconceptions and myths about senior living, and we hear them a lot of the time.

Busting Senior Living Myths

Let’s bust some senior living myths and take away any fear about making American House your home sweet home.

  1. Senior living communities are for “old people” who “can’t get around.” That is no longer true. Sure, there are communities that cater to those individuals who need assistance with daily living or memory care, but not all senior and retirement communities do. There are senior living communities that cater to the over-55 crowd, and those individuals live in their own apartments independently.
  2. You or your loved one will be all by themselves in a senior living community. That is a myth! Living in a senior community means you won’t be living in isolation. Loneliness is an epidemic in our world, and it just seems to be growing. Loneliness can lead to depression and make other illnesses worse. When you or your loved one live in an American House community, you will have access to our staff and can socialize with your neighbors. You can choose to be as involved in social activities or in eating meals together as you’d like, but know you or your loved one would never live in isolation.
  3. You’re used to living independently and believe that living in a senior community means you give up all right to privacy. That is a myth. You or your loved one will live in your own private apartment. The apartments can be decorated to make it feel like home. You will have privacy and the perks of access to meals, social activities, transportation and freedom from maintenance and yard work!
  4. The food is horrible in senior living communities! That is definitely a myth. We pride ourselves on the chef-prepared meals we offer. At American House Senior Living, there is a wide variety of meals, snacks, beverages and desserts to suit almost any resident’s tastes. If a resident has unique or special food needs, we can accommodate those as well.
  5. If I live in a senior community, I won’t be able to come and go as I please, and I have to abide by “visiting hours” for my friends and family. That’s also a myth. You can have a vehicle and have the freedom to go where you please. You can also invite friends and family to visit you, bring you meals, help you decorate for holidays and celebrate special events.

No matter when you decide to make a move into an American House Senior Living community apartment, know that we welcome you and would love to give you a tour of our beautiful facilities. We want to bust any senior living myth you may have heard.

Give us a call today, schedule a tour and consider making American House your new “home sweet home.”

American House was founded in 1979 to enrich the lives of seniors and their loved ones in an environment that fosters independence, compassion, quality services and meaningful relationships. We provide a wide range of senior living options, including independent living, independent living with assistance, memory care services provided by a third party, respite stays and hospice in Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights and Westland.

Call an American House Senior Living community near you today to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful facilities and ask questions to help put your mind at ease if you’re considering a move for an aging loved one, spouse or even for yourself.