Now that the new year is here, it’s a great time to welcome the possibilities that the changing of a calendar brings. At American House Senior Living, we want to talk about senior living in 2024 and offer 5 ways to embrace joy.

A new year brings the opportunity to celebrate a new beginning, leave the past behind and focus on creating new joyful memories with friends and family. Whether you’re aging in place, living with family or enjoying life in your own apartment in an American House Senior Living community in Michigan, there are many ways to welcome 2024.

Senior Living In 2024: 5 Ways To Embrace Joy

Our communities work to foster friendships and community, and the new year is no exception. We had New Year’s events, and we welcome our residents and their families to attend our social activities throughout the year.

Here are some ways to welcome the new year and embrace it with a sense of joy and wonder.

1. Host your own New Year’s themed party. You don’t have to stay awake until midnight to celebrate New Year’s. In fact, hosting a party during the first week of the year is a great way to keep the celebration and festivities going. Choose a theme for your party and invite friends to attend. Do you enjoy tea parties or Hollywood glam or action movies? Plan your party with decorations, foods and activities from your favorite theme.

2. Don’t go it alone when you set your resolutions. Whether you take time to talk about your resolutions, new habits you want to start or old habits you want to stop, you’re more likely to follow through when you share it with others. Use your resolution-setting time as a way to get together with your family at American House and make an afternoon of talking about resolutions and why you’re setting them.

3. Take a trip down memory lane as a way to welcome in the new year. Take any photos that you have from the previous year and make a scrap book. When you look at the photos from the past year, it is a great way to embrace the positive from the year that’s passed.

4. Consider learning something new in the new year. Many of our communities offer activities that you can get involved in and learn something new from. If you’ve never played chair volleyball or taken part in our craft activities, maybe put that as a resolution. If you want to learn to knit or paint, see if there are any classes at local senior centers where you can do that.

5. Work on your mental and physical wellness. Find a walking partner and take a stroll around the American House community regularly. This is a great way to get physically active and foster friendships. Work on puzzles or trivia to help stay mentally alert. Your mental and emotional wellness can be enhanced by visiting friends or family – if your loved ones aren’t local, set up a time to meet via video to have a chat. Volunteer with a local group whose mission you embrace.

As with almost anything you do, you get out of it what you put into it. But at American House, we believe the new year opens doors to new adventures, experiences and opportunities. Let’s celebrate 2024 with excitement and a time of renewal and possibility.

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