As we age, isolation and loneliness can become factors many seniors are faced with. At American House Senior Living Communities we know that and take steps to get our residents involved in the variety of activities we offer – if they want to. There are many ways a senior living community helps combat loneliness.

There is a myriad of factors that contribute to loneliness including:

  1. The death of a spouse
  2. Serious illness
  3. Hearing loss
  4. Separation from family
  5. Loss of connection with peers

Some seniors will make the move to a senior living community because they miss interacting with friends and family.

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted feelings of isolation seniors faced because people around the country, and the world, were facing the same situation. Staying connected is one of the best ways to help remain mentally and physically healthy.

How A Senior Living Community Helps Combat Loneliness

At American House Senior Living Communities in Michigan, we look for ways to keep our residents from feeling isolated.

  1. Digital technology helps keep residents connected with friends and family across the country. If you don’t have a computer, smart phone or a tablet, consider asking your family to help you choose one so you can connect digitally. Whether you’re connecting with friends and families across the miles, using technology gives you the ability to take courses, attend performances, take online exercise classes, watch your favorite movies and more. Playing games on the tablet will also help keep with mental engagement – which is just as important as physical activity.
  2. American House Senior Living Communities, like many other communities, offer a variety of activities that our residents can engage in. We have celebrations, offer craft days and some of our communities offer transportation for shopping excursions. Even playing a game of cards or being in the community room with friends watching television is an ideal way to connect and combat loneliness.
  3. Sharing meals in a communal atmosphere can make the meals more enjoyable just because you have someone you can speak with.

American House was founded in 1979 to enrich the lives of seniors and their loved ones in an environment that fosters independence, compassion, quality services and meaningful relationships. We provide a wide range of senior living options, including independent living, independent living with assistance, memory care services provided by a third party, respite stays and hospice in Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Sterling Heights and Westland.