At American House Senior Living Communities in Michigan, we know that winter is a challenging time for many seniors. Harsh weather conditions pose various health and safety risks, especially for those seniors who are aging in place. We put together this article with 6 winter safety tips for seniors and how they can navigate the cold season with ease.

Here are our top winter safety tips, and these are valuable for both the senior and their caregivers. Winter can be a beautiful time, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not prepared.

6 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

  1. Preventing slips and falls is important year-round, but even more so when the sidewalks and roads could be slippery. For older adults who live alone, it might be wise to hire someone to clear the snow and ice from walkways before you venture out. Our residents benefit from not having to worry about snow removal.
  2. Always dress for the weather. Wear layers, a hat, scarf and gloves or mittens when you go outside. When you’re indoors, keep the temperature at a comfortable and safe temperature. If you’re concerned about the cost of heating this winter season, keep dressed in layers in your home to keep you safe and warm. It’s best to keep your home’s temperature around or above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Address health concerns and take your doctor’s orders when it comes to vaccinations. The flu shot can protect seniors against influenza, which can be severe for seniors. Get regular check-ups and keep your medical appointments – especially if you have any chronic conditions.
  4. Be prepared for winter storms and power outages. Stock up on non-perishable foods and foods that can be eaten without the benefit of the stove or microwave. Keep bottled water in the house and ensure your medications have been refilled so you don’t run out in a winter storm. Get some flashlights and extra batteries, and keep additional blankets handy. Prepare for a winter storm by making certain you have a list of emergency contacts who will reach out to check on you in the event of a storm. Make use of senior center programs and senior food programs year-round as a way to not only stay connected but ensure you have access to food and other resources.
  5. Make sure your home is safe indoors. Avoid using space heaters, or if you must, never leave them in a room unattended. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  6. This is great advice year-round – eat a balanced diet to help maintain your strength and energy. Don’t forget to stock up on fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of fluids.

Winter can be beautiful and enjoyable for seniors and their caregivers, as long as they’re prepared for the harsher elements of winter. When you follow these safety tips, you can reduce the health risks associated with winter and stay safe, healthy and connected with loved ones.

If you’re wondering what it might be like to not have to worry about winter weather conditions and shoveling and snow removal, consider making American House your new home sweet home this winter.

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